Sea Urchin Dumpling

Even Senator Martin gave it two thumbs up

We specialise in creating authentic Chinese dumplings made from fresh Tasmanian seafood. Our abalone, scallops, and prawns are prepared soon after catch to ensure that only the freshest ingredients go into each delicious serving.
Our story
When Oscar Zheng and his family came to Tasmania in 2008 to set up their abalone processing business - Oscar Tasmanian Seafood - little did he know about the delicious opportunity that awaited him in the form of a spiky seafloor dweller: the sea urchin.

The humble sea urchin is historically seen as a pest, as it spread rapidly off Tasmania's East Coast, chewing through seaweed and forcing abalone and crayfish to seek new homes. Mr Oscar’s business now catches these sea urchin from the wild, so with every dumpling you are helping to protect Tasmania’s beautiful marine environment.

What about the sea urchin taste, you ask? It’s often described as the “caviar of sea”, providing an inviting taste experience that you won’t find anywhere else!
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